Free Knitting Pattern - Honeycomb Scarf

Honeycomb Scarf

A free knitting pattern designed by Janet Turner from Baljaffray Handknits.
Please see the copyright notice at the foot of this page.

The pictures show this pattern knitted in New Lanark Aran wool in the shade of Blueberry.  This is a beautiful deep purple with hints of dark blue. There are many other lovely colours available.

New Lanark Aran wool can be purchased online.  Use the link here.

Some people have had problems printing this pattern.  If you experience difficulties, copy and paste the pattern into a Word document and print that.

Size: 30cm wide x 180cm (but you can decide the width and length).  For a narrower scarf, cast on fewer stitches.  The pattern will work for any odd number of stitches.

Tension: Unimportant, but 10 sts over 20 rows gives 10cm x 10cm square in honeycomb pattern.

Materials: 2 x 100g balls New Lanark Aran Wool
                 (3 if you want it to be longer than 180cm or to add tassles)  
                 a pair of 6.5mm needles (US size 10.5, old UK size 3)
                 a tapestry needle for weaving in ends 

CO - cast on
sl 1 - slip 1
YO - yarn over
SSK - slip 2 stitches one at a time, knit 2 slipped stitches together
          There is a link to a YouTube video of an American lady demonstrating SSK here
sts - stitches
BO - bind (cast) off

CO 31 sts loosely.
First 2 rows: sl 1 knitwise, K across to end.
Begin honeycomb pattern: 
Row 1: sl 1 knitwise, K1 *(YO, SSK)*, repeat from * to * until last stitch, K1.
Row 2: sl 1 knitwise, P to last stitch, K1.
Row 3: sl 1 knitwise, *(SSK, YO)*, repeat from * to * until last 2 sts, YO, K2.
Row 4: sl 1 knitwise, P to last stitch, K1.
Repeat these 4 rows until desired length is reached.
Last 2 rows: sl 1 knitwise, K across to end.
BO loosely
Weave ends into back of work.

Add tassles to CO and BO edges, through the first and last line of pattern holes.

Copyright Notice:
This pattern is for personal use only.  The pattern is not to be sold, nor are scarves knitted from it to be sold for personal profit.  For charity sales, please seek permission by contacting me by email first  -  my email address is on the "Contact Me" page (above).