Free Knitting Pattern - Fan Lace Panel Scarf

A free knitting pattern designed by Janet Turner from Baljaffray Handknits.

Please see copyright notice at the bottom of the page.

2 balls Drops Delight or other fingering weight yarn of your choice
4mm straight needles
tapestry needle to sew in ends

I bought 2 different coloured balls of Drops Delight from The Yarn Cake in Glasgow's West End.  Other stockists can be found via the Drops website.  I used half of one ball (containing the red/green/blue mix), switched to use virtually all of the second ball (blue/green mix) and then, just before the end of the second ball at an appropriate point to blend the colours, I switched back to the other half of the first ball.

14cm x approx 160cm using specified materials

CO - cast on
sts - stitches
st - stitch
garter st - every row K
sl - slip
tbl - through back of loop
K4 tog - K 4 together
YO - yarn over
rep - repeat
BO - bind (cast) off

Not very important for this pattern.

CO 39 sts
Slipping 1st st in each row, garter st 6 rows for form border
Begin pattern:
 row 1 - sl 1, K18, P1, K19
 row 2 - sl 1, K3, P31, K4
 row 3 - sl 1, K3, *(K1 tbl, K4 tog, [YO, K1] x5, YO, K4 tog, K1 tbl)*,
           P1, rep * to *, K4
 row 4 - as row 2
 row 5 - as row 1
 row 6 - as row 2

These 6 rows form the pattern.  Continue to desired length ending on row 2.
Slipping 1st st on each row, garter stitch 6 rows.
BO loosely.
Sew in loose ends with a tapestry needle.

Due to the nature of the lace pattern, the scarf is likely to need blocking to prevent it curling in at the edges.

Copyright Notice

This pattern is for personal use only.  The pattern is not to be sold, nor are scarves knitted using it to be sold for personal profit.  For charity sales, please seek permission by contacting me by email first.  My email address is on the "Contact me" page (sidebar above).

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