Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Commissions - A Christening Set

I have been working recently on this heirloom Christening set consisting of a shawl, bonnet and booties. The set was knitted in ecru DK New Lanark wool with a gold coloured lurex thread incorporated into the border of the shawl, the cuff of the booties and throughout the bonnet. The bonnet and booties were completed with gold coloured ribbons.

I designed the shawl myself. It consisted of panels with a lacy leaf design separated with stocking stitch panels. The edging had a different leaf design. The bonnet and booties were adaptions of old patterns.

The set was a commission for the christening of a friend's grand-daughter. I also knitted a commemorative cushion cover. I can't show you a photo of that because it is personalised with her name and date of birth. I've previously produced personalised cushions for wedding gifts.

If you are interested in enquiring about commissioning an item, please contact me by email. My email address is on the contact page (above).

Thursday, 1 July 2010

New Hats and Scarves

I've been knitting some new designs in hats and scarves for Autumn.

Natural Black hat with Ecru pattern (£8)

I've knitted my basic men's beanie with simple Fair Isle patterns, an example of which is shown above.

I've also produced several variations of my slouchy hat pattern (the four below are all £9.50):

I've designed a new scarf pattern, suitable for both men and women. You can see a close up of the stitch pattern in this photo - a work in progress, hence the cast on yarn just visible on the right (yarn: Woodland). These are £18.

The same pattern has been used in the Clematis and Pebble coloured scarves shown in the slouchy hat photos above.

Finally, by using DK yarn instead of Aran, my honeycomb slouchy hat now comes in a size suitable for older babies / young toddlers. Mother and child can have matching hats! The one shown below is in New Lanark Denim DK. This version is £6.50.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010


I have designed a range of cushion covers with different styles and patterns. However, they all close with four wooden buttons at the top and therefore can form a coordinating set if complementary colours are chosen. All but the cabled cushion cover take a 16-inch square pad. The cabled cushion takes a 15-inch pad.

Textured stripe in moss stitch (colour: Denim) £19 plus pad

Five colour stripe (19.50 plus pad)

Three colour stripe (£19.50 plus pad)

Different patterns using colour - the bottom left coordinates with my Christmas stockings (£21 plus pad)

Appliquéd knitted flowers and leaves (£23 plus pad)

Cabled cushion cover (15-inch pad) - colour: Pebble (£19 plus pad)

Tea Cosies

These tea cosies are knitted with a double strand of wool for extra insulation. They will fit a six- or eight-cup teapot (the picture shows a six-cup teapot). They are decorated with a knitted appliqué flower and leaves and have a loop for lifting. They cost £8 each.

Tea cosies in Cherry and Bramble New Lanark Aran Wool


This rug is knitted with a triple strand of wool to give it extra thickness, strength and durability. It is sized 50cm by 70cm. The background is natural dark brown wool and the coloured fleck is blue, grey and white. My rugs cost £27.


I make these bangles in a variety of colours and patterns. They have an inner ring of elastic so they maintain their shape. They are £2 each.


I have knitted a variety of bags of different styles, sizes and uses.

The bags above are knitted in Natural Black and Pebble New Lanark Aran Wool

These shoulder bags are knitted in natural colour wool (not dyed), has an internal pocket and is finished with a metal button. They are knitted with a double strand of wool for extra strength and cost £19.50. The photo below gives some idea of the size.

The photo below shows a smaller shoulder bag approximately half the width of the one above. It is finished with an attractive flower button. It is also knitted with a double strand of denim coloured wool for extra strength and costs £9.50.

This bag has an attractive basket-weave pattern and is finished with a white knitted rose. It is £7.50.

This is a gift bag with a basket-weave pattern, drawstring closure and finished with a knitted red rose. It costs £7.50. I have a large variety of designs and colours of drawstring bags, ranging in price from £5 to £7.50.

These cases are suitable for glasses, iPods and other similar gadgets. They are knitted with a double strand wool for extra protection. Colours shown are Bramble and Denim. They cost £2.50 each.

Hats and Scarves

I produce a small selection of hats and scarves I have designed myself.

Slouchy lace hat in Ecru & Bramble (£10)
These are larger than my other slouchy hats

1930s style lace beanie in Denim & Cherry and matching scarf (see below)
Hat £8 Scarf £23.50

Men's stripy beanie in Natural Black and Navy (£7.50)

Plain tasselled scarf - co-ordinates well with men's beanie above (£19)

The edge of this scarf matches the 1930s style beanie (scarf £23.50)

Ladies' ridged feather scarf (£19)

Hot Water Bottle Covers

My hot water bottle covers fit bottles approximately 20cm by 33cm, the standard size available at Argos. The stretchy, ribbed neck allows for the bottle to be inserted and removed easily and a wooden button closes the cover at the top. I have made covers of different designs and colours, four of which can be seen below. The covers cost £8.50 and do not include the hot water bottle itself.

Christmas Decorations and Stockings

These are decorations I knitted for Christmas 2009 when I was first setting-up my business and still using acrylic yarn. Only some of these items are of my own design (the flower, the bells, the bauble and the parcel); the other items were adapted from existing patterns.

I knit these Christmas stockings in two sizes. Medium are 23cm high with a maximum width of 15cm. Large are 45 cm high with a maximum width of 30cm.
I use a smaller gauge knitting needle to produce a stronger stocking so they can be used for gifts as well as decoration. The foot section is extra large to give room for bulkier gifts. They have a hanging loop attached.
Prices - medium £4.50, large £18