Tuesday, 11 May 2010


I have designed a range of cushion covers with different styles and patterns. However, they all close with four wooden buttons at the top and therefore can form a coordinating set if complementary colours are chosen. All but the cabled cushion cover take a 16-inch square pad. The cabled cushion takes a 15-inch pad.

Textured stripe in moss stitch (colour: Denim) £19 plus pad

Five colour stripe (19.50 plus pad)

Three colour stripe (£19.50 plus pad)

Different patterns using colour - the bottom left coordinates with my Christmas stockings (£21 plus pad)

Appliqu├ęd knitted flowers and leaves (£23 plus pad)

Cabled cushion cover (15-inch pad) - colour: Pebble (£19 plus pad)

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