Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Popular Designs Autumn 2011

I've been busy over the last 6 months designing new items, some of which I launched at craft fairs in the run up to Christmas. Here are some photos of the most popular, all of which are £10 or less.

This cosy for coffee shop paper cups comes in a variety of colours and costs just £1.25. It's more stylish and environmentally friendly than endless cardboard sleeves.

This cable mug cosy comes complete with a mug at £2.75. A variety of colours of both mugs and cosies are available.

After several requests, I also designed a cafetiere cosy for a 6-8 mug cafetiere. The textured two colour design is extra thick to keep the coffee warm. There are two rings of elastic to help the cosy slip over the handle of the cafetiere. The cosy costs £7.50.

This is a new design of tea cosy available at £8. It comes in a variety of colours.

I have designed a range of mobile phone and ipod cases which were very popular indeed in the run up to Christmas. In the picture below, which shows only some of my range, the cabled case on the left with a plain wooden button costs £2.50, the larger ecru one with the printed wooden button (large enough for a Blackberry) costs £3 and the purple one with a hand made ceramic button costs £3.25.

Finally, I designed a range of fingerless gloves which were probably my most popular items last Autumn. They come in a variety of colours and sizes. In the picture, both longer pairs cost £10 and the shorter pair costs £8.50.

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