Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Design Update Spring/Summer 2012

It's a while since I posted my latest designs, so long in fact that you have to click the "Older Posts" button at the bottom of the page to see them!

So, here are some of my latest designs.  Some of this work has already appeared on my Facebook page.  Prices quoted are what I charge at craft fairs and may be higher where they are available through shops.  For details of the shops mentioned in this post, see the page above.

I've designed and knitted this table mat design in a variety of colours and weights of cotton yarn and in two sizes.  The edges curl upwards slightly to give a pleasing "flower petal" edge to the mats.  Prices vary according to the size and weight (thickness) of the yarn, but I charge around £6.50 for the thicker ones in the larger size.  They are also currently available in Aviemore and Govan.

These knitted rose hair snaps double up as button holes and come in a variety of colours.  I have also knitted larger ones and created rose hair bands.  I charge £2.50 for the hair snaps and £5 for the hair bands. These are also available in Aviemore and Govan.

This new design of mobile case comes in 2 sizes, the largest of which will take an iphone.  Prices vary according to size and type of yarn and button, but the larger one knitted in New Lanark wool is £5.  Versions of this case are available in Aviemore.

This design of ipad case is knitted in New Lanark wool and costs £12.  Buttons vary but I generally use printed wooden ones.  A white cotton version is available in Aviemore.

This mobile case is a new cable design.  Those shown are the smaller size and are also suitable for ipods.  I use a variety of yarns and buttons which affects the price, but the smaller ones cost around £3.50 and the larger ones around £4.50.  This design is also available in Aviemore.

This photo is not as clear as it could be and unfortunately has what I think is a lampshade from someone else's stall in the background.  It shows my cafetiere cover on the left (see post from earlier in the year) and 2 new designs of tea cosy.  The two colour "polka dot" one (in the middle) fits a 4-6 cup pot (medium sized) pot.  The one on the right has a stretchy "beehive" shaped design which is ideal for medium or large teapots of unusual dimensions and this one is topped with a rose.  Prices vary according to size and design but are all less than £10 at craft fairs.  The polka dot tea cosy is also available in Aviemore.

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