Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Spring Design Update

I've been busy designing new items since Christmas and I thought I best update my blog with a few photos.

This simple striped ribbed unisex beanie shows the beautiful colours of DK New Lanark wool off to their best.  As it's knitted with DK wool, it's a lighter weight of hat than my Aran beanie and will be good to wear on those slightly warmer Spring days we're all looking forward to.  It's available in different colourways.

In the run-up to Christmas I was asked if I did headbands by several ladies.  I had a couple of plain ones but I decided to design this new flower one.  The one in the picture is knitted in a wool/alpaca mix yarn and features a vintage button in the centre of the flower.  I have knitted a few more in different yarns and colours.

This new purse design was knitted in a luxury brand of French acrylic and features a metal button with a flower design.  Last year's New Lanark wool polka dot design purse has been very popular, so I'll continue to knit that one as well.

Finally for now, I have been knitting some traditional cotton face cloths in various patterns: butterflies, tulips and this checker board design.  The white cotton yarn shown washes at 60 deg C, which is really good for keeping it gleaming white.  I also have some dark pink ones where the yarn is more delicate and washes at 40 deg C.

More designs in a week or two .......

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