Friday, 9 May 2014

Strathearn Fleece & Fibre

It was great to see Strathearn Fleece & Fibre again on Monday at the New Lanark Spring Food & Gift Fair.  As well as having their stall, they were giving spinning demonstrations during the day.

A previous creation using their wool, possibly the first skein I ever bought from
 them.This photo has been one of the most popular photos of my work I've ever
taken, at one time used by The Makers Markets as a publicity shot.

I've come to love their wool since I first came across them almost 18 months ago at a craft fair in Edinburgh.  I've since been able to buy wool from them much closer to home at Byres Road Makers Market, when they've exhibited there.  If you're a knitter in Scotland, look out for them at fairs and markets, as they travel quite widely.

Their publicity shot for a recent trip to Wonderwool Wales

One of the things I love about their wool is that they produce it themselves from their own sheep.  In European Union "speak", it's a form of diversification.  Although some parts of the process take place off their farm, they hand dye their wool on-site in an amazing array of colours.

The skein I bought on Monday is like the one shown 2nd from the left

As I was buying from another stall (see previous post), plus two large skeins of New Lanark wool, I restricted myself to just one skein on this occasion.  Although I usually pick some of their more vibrant colours (especially their yellows, which New Lanark don't produce), I opted to a more gentle mix of blues and cream in chunky this time.

I used a third of the skein to knit this cosy for a 6-8 cup teapot.
The simple pattern the colours in the yarn off to their best advantage.

If you are buying their wool, be aware that some of their yarn weights are not quite standard and ask about needle sizes appropriate for what you are buying.  This isn't true of their chunky yarn, however, which knits beautifully on 6mm needles.  For the cabled headband, apart from the buttonhole section, I used 8mm needles to give a looser knit.

Strathearn Fleece & Fibre have a website and Facebook page where you can find out more about their farm, wool, fairs and on-site open days and special events.  If  you are looking for wool or equipment for spinning or needle felting, they have that too.  They also run courses throughout the year.

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