Wednesday 7 May 2014

Yarns To Dye For

I had a great day at the New Lanark Spring Food and Gift Fair on Monday.  We were there with a Janet & John stall, selling a variety of crafts from our shop, as I have found that knitting doesn't tend to sell much in May.  There were some of my 2 cup teapots with cosies, a selection of mobile/ipod cases and Kindle cases of various sizes.

I was demonstrating knitting my free mobile phone knitting pattern during the day.

It was lovely to see two independent yarn sellers there with hand dyed yarns, as well as New Lanark wool.  I bought a beautifully coloured skein from Yarns To Dye For for just £11.   From it I've knitted a hat and a tea cosy for a 2 cup tea pot, and I've a little left over to add a colour stripe to a hat at a later date.

The green blob is a bush in the garden, not an oddly placed pom-pom!

The hat may well get sent to the Loch an Eilein Gallery later in the summer, whilst the tea cosy will appear on a Price & Kensington teapot in Janet & John in a few weeks.

This mock cable tea cosy perfectly fits a Price & Kensington 2 cup teapot

Whilst I was at New Lanark, I had rather a surprise.  My husband John was looking round the Institute building where the fair was being held and came back and said that he was sure that the cushion in the display case on the ground floor, next to the mill tour pay desk, was mine.  "No," I said, "I've got one in the gift shop", but he was right!  Quite an honour, even if it does mean that that one isn't currently on sale.  If you happen to visit, it's knitted in ecru Aran New Lanark wool in an intricate cable pattern, with wooden buttons.  Silly me forgot to take a photo!

I'll blog again about the other wool seller at the fair when I've finished knitting her skein.

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